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Fath Capital is a boutique financial advisory firm founded by a team of highly qualified individuals, each with around 15 years of specialized and interdisciplinary experience. Our strength lies in our ability to help clients solving their financial needs and grabbing investment opportunity.

We specialize in Pre-IPO advisory, Capital Raising, Merger & Acquisition, Debt Restructuring, and Forensic Investigation, but we are also highly proficient in other financial service areas.


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What we do

Financial Advisory

connects our clients to a large of experience and expertise

Pre-ipo Advisory

advising our clients to make them ready for going public

Merger and Acquisition

we advise our clients to execute their M&A plans

Capital Raising

we advise our clients in identifying the right strategy

IPO Fund management

Each IPO give us an investment opportunity

Bridging IPO Fund management

Pre-IPO give clients an attractive return


We advise our clients to maximize their company valuation.

Forensic Investigation

We look beyond the numbers to identify data

10 Financial Goals To Conquer in Your 30s

I want to challenge you that you are not Stuck! You don’t have to be poor the rest of your life. You can achieve wealth, you can achieve freedom. It all starts with setting goals and working towards achieving them.

Today I am going to give you my top 10 financial goals that you can start working on today.

Capital Raising

Basically there are two choices that clients can choose, either equity-based or debt-base, Specialized services include :

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