Who we are

Fath Capital is a boutique financial advisory firm founded by a team of highly qualified individuals, each with around 15 years of specialized and interdisciplinary experience. Our strength lies in our ability to help clients solving their financial needs and grabbing investment opportunity. We specialize in Pre-IPO advisory, Capital Raising, Merger & Acquisition, Debt Restructuring, and Forensic Investigation, but we are also highly proficient in other financial service areas.

At Fath Capital, we believe our client’s needs are our top priority. We will do the best to reach maximum performance based on our problem-solving method. We are capable to identify the right solution of each client. With our technical expertise, and strategic network of alliances, we aim to give what clients seek for its problem. We deliver sound and specialized services to different type of clients.

Fath Capital have advised SMEs and large corporates with access to different types of capital. Our valuable experiences and extensive network as the perfect strategic advisor for companies to scale its business bigger. Clients can count us for maximum realization of shareholder’s value.  

Financial Advisory

Working with FATH CAPITAL connects our clients to a large of experience and expertise. By listening to their financial objectives, our team will identify the right solution best suited to our clients’ needs. Specialized services include :

  • Financial Analysis and Modelling

  • Business Valuation

  • Capital Structuring (including External Financing)

  • Facilitation of Holding Structures Set-Up

  • Consultant & Professional Engagement

Pre-ipo Advisory

Advising our clients to make them ready for going public. All requirements to go public needed will be guided by us to maximize shareholder values. Starting from review of clients condition then proposing to clients what they should do before they are going public and finally submitting the requirements to regulatory and working closely with Underwriter and supporting parties to make sure IPO success. Specialized services include:

  • Review IPO readiness of clients

  • Proposing strategic actions what clients should do before IPO (including what structure are better for them)

  • Advising Equity Story what makes clients value high

  • Attempting to get higher valuation for clients

  • Advising clients in selecting of underwriter and supporting parties which are suitable with their size and IPO goals

  • Advising clients when submitting requirements to Regulatory

Merger & Acquisition

We advise our clients to execute their M&A plans. M&A is one of growth strategy which many companies pursuing nowadays. Not all M&A process is going successfully. Some M&A are failures. We help our clients to minimize risk of failures. Starting with the right strategy for M&A. Furthermore, we advise how to identify and give clients introduction to potential strategic and financial partners. Specialized services include:

  • Advising M&A strategy

  • Identification and introduction of potential strategic and financial partners

  • Target research and evaluation

  • Project management of the M&A and fund raising process

  • Advising in the evaluation of offers from Investors

  • Advising in negotiation, project structuring and due diligence process

Capital Raising

With our extensive network, we advise our clients in identifying the right strategy in raising capital. Whether they should go to raise capital from public through IPO or keep private and seeking funding from private investors. We also advise different structures which are better and suitable with clients condition. Basically there are two choices that clients can choose, either equity-based or debt-based. Specialized services include:

  • Review of Clients condition and advising what type of capital raising suitable for them

  • Identification and introduction of potential strategic and financial partners

  • Project management in fund raising process

  • Assistance in evaluation of offers from Investors

  • Advising in negotiation

Investment Advisory : Ipo Fund Management

Each IPO give us an investment opportunity. From buy-side perspective, we offer our clients to invest their money in IPO. We evaluate which IPO is good prospective which clients can decide to invest. Specialized services include:

  • Review and Identification of IPO prospective

  • Facilitate clients to invest in IPO

  • Provide clients high return opportunity in each IPO

  • Manage clients money to get higher return

Investment Advisory: Bridging Ipo Fund Management

Investing in Pre-IPO give clients an attractive return investment opportunity. We are facilitating clients to invest in target companies that are willing to go public in less than two years ahead. After target companies going public, clients can exit and obtain high return. Specialized services include:

  • Identification and introduction of target companies

  • Bridging clients with the target companies

  • Provide clients high return opportunity in Pre-IPO investing

  • Manage clients money to get higher return


Valuation is an art. We advise our clients to maximize their company valuation. From clients information, we will guide a compelling story to get higher valuation for clients. Specialized services include:

  • Advising of attractive growth opportunity to be obtained in coming years

  • Identifying business risk which will discount the value of company

  • Provide business valuation calculation

Forensic Investigation

Our forensic investigation will look beyond the numbers to identify missing or incomplete data, financial discrepancies, and/or financial fraud. We help clients through the legal and operational complexities, and come to timely decisions so that clients can get on with business. Specialized services include:

  • Investigate all numbers to prevent the fraud

  • Check all legal issue

  • Review operational risk